We are a global company, that practices sustainable mining | Vale.com 🪨

Vale company owns and operates one of the largest mining companies in the world, with its mining operations spread across the globe. The company has a long-term vision of providing sustainable mining and a stable future for the people who work in the mines.

The mining industry is one of the most important sectors in the world, and one that produces a large amount of waste. This waste is created by the extraction of raw materials such as minerals or metals. The volume of this waste is large and the need for a better solution is urgent. Our company is a global company and we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, which we achieved with our sustainable mining initiative. 

Mining is a big business, and it is imperative that we do it in a way that is sustainable and responsible. In order to maintain a sustainable and responsible mining business, it is important to build a logistics infrastructure that integrates high-quality ore extraction and its transportation by rail, port, and ship to distribution centers.

For decades, mining has been responsible for the destruction of millions of acres of land and the pollution of our water sources and air. More than 8 billion tons of topsoil have been lost to mining over the last 10 years and mining has caused a pollution of our freshwater resources that has endangered the quality of life for the people and animals of the surrounding areas. However, mining companies have the opportunity to change this and create a mining industry that is responsible and sustainable.



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