Gain insights and use customer feedback to improve your business

You want to provide high quality, professional customer service with a personal touch. You work hard to make sure your customers feel respected, heard, and understood. It's all about the customer experience. But how do you measure the customer experience? What metrics do you use?

In today's modern digital world, people have more choices than ever. They want everything done their way. From purchasing items, to finding information, to making appointments, people expect a high level of service and satisfaction. With that in mind, businesses must provide the best customer experience possible. This can be a difficult task to accomplish, especially when so many factors come into play. What starts as a seamless process with one customer can turn into a frustrating nightmare with another.

As a business owner, your customer satisfaction is a primary concern. So, what can you do to improve the experience for customers? One way to do that is to build a customized survey. By giving your customers the opportunity to answer questions about how you can improve, you can gain valuable insights into how your business is performing.


Refine Experiences. Drive Decisions.

And that was the aha moment for our founder & CEO, Shihab Mohammed. The third reminder to fill out his HR survey made him think, "Why do we not like surveys?" That was the beginning of everything. Shihab, & the initial team started putting together a feedback tool that can take away the 'boring' out of surveys. The Whatsapp's chat interface inspired him to keep the forms as conversational and intuitive as possible, guaranteeing 40% more response rates. And thus, SurveySparrow was born introducing the world's first chat surveys. Since then, SurveySparrow has now grown from a feedback tool to a complete omnichannel experience platform. The platform has extended and is continuously improving every aspect of it to deliver nothing but wows.



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