Unvaccinated as internal terrorists - is a false act of terrorism expected?

As you know, yesterday Tvnet published another speech of hate by the so-called 'communication expert' S Weinberg. This lady always stands out with her defense of particularly schizophrenic Russophobia and various ultra-liberal distortions.

The recent gem was a hysterical lie about homophobia and the murder of rainbow people in Tukums, which was presented in an emotional form as a crime against a minority blamed by conservative politicians and the church. This is called fake news, but today the term is applied only to alternative media. Now the same lady clearly defines that the unvoted are internal terrorists.

It was yesterday, but what is today? Logically, the next step must be followed. Once healthy and free people are described as terrorists, some evidence and action is needed to make them so. Of course, in reality there is nothing like that, but that doesn't stop them from being fabricated. At the Latvian level, this was already a recent new horror article from jauns.lv regarding the call of 'anti -axers' to kill doctors, for which a claim has been filed with the prosecutor's office as defamation and libel - this is in connection with Jānis Pļaviņš.

But things are being made much more serious in the world. This information relates more to the United States, as is planned there, but the scheme is already the same and it is very likely that it will happen in other countries. So what's going on in the states? There, proponents of the 'conspiracy theory' warn that in the next few weeks, Joe, who is lying in the next few weeks, plans to introduce a national arc, blaming the Delta variant and, of course, the non-squirting. He has already done so in a number of interviews, as this is an 'unvaccinated epidemic'.

These will be such totalitarian bans that they will inevitably lead to mass protests. And that's also part of the plan. But the next part of the plan is the so-called 'false flag', which will be directed at a medical institution or a group of doctors. But you know how skilled the US special services are in organizing these events from 9/11 to "I can't breathe" and the January 6 "invasion" of the Capitol. As the africans become desperate, they have one last step left to play another theater.

So first there is the archer, then the Americans react to it, then the regime uses these protests to play a violent 'terrorist act' against a medical institution, possibly there will be murders and they will be the 'anti -axers' who did it. CNN then begins its work with the false material and propaganda and mass hysteria it has prepared, fueling even more hatred of the unvoted. And then Joe orders the removal of weapons to all civilians. There is another section in the United States that is hindering the introduction of a totalitarian regime there, because almost every American has a gun at home, and globalists are trying to deal with it by regularly conducting fake shots in schools. And now imagine another 'lone shooter' doing it in a hospital where 'heroic doctors are fighting a virus'. One such case in the same United States is enough to raise hysteria around the world. 9/11, however, also turned into a global war on 'terrorism', or the FBI's planned operation to deprive people of their freedom. Back then, terrorists were external, now they are internal - it is us, the healthy people.

How far this de facto civil war will go in the United States and elsewhere is difficult to predict. However, this plan to intensify hysteria against calm and healthy people will not be limited to the United States. All of the same can and will probably be applied in other countries, but with a different specificity. Because the practical significance of the Delta variant in the affair is exactly that - to introduce even more draconian arches and then desperate people will be forced to take to the streets, because there will be no more benefits and checks, but only terror or a syringe.

It is also time for us to think about stocks, or a retreat from the cities to the countryside, which has such an opportunity, because the dark forces will very soon start to rage very seriously. The pride will pass and preparations for the archery will begin. But it can also mean a real logistics halt and empty shelves, as is the case in the UK. I would very much like this to remain just a 'conspiracy theory', but it will be for a year and a half. Unfortunately, all indications are that regimes in many countries are buying gas grenades and equipment to fight their peoples, and this has recently been done by local occupiers.