The vaccine revolution - how the affair was being prepared back in early 2019

When did preparations begin for today's guided chaos and format the world for something else? Of course, they started a long time ago - Orwell wrote his 1984 in 1948. But there are relatively recent articles that are worth looking at, and especially those that report on what was discussed at the Davos Forum.

It is this organization - the World Economic Forum - that is the main ideological driving force for the implementation of Reset. And the world paid too little attention to it, but the preparations for the last act of this show there have been especially intense in recent years. Already in 2016, an advertisement appeared that we will not own anything, but we will be happy.

On January 24, 2019, we can find an article about how the scientists of the Imperial College already presented their 'vaccine revolution' plan to world leaders at that time. It happened at the Davos meeting in 2019, where these three scientific beacons for the world's cream layer demonstrated their intentions to change the whole industry. And there, the processes and needs for their implementation, including the cooperation of global corporations to put this revolution into practice, were clearly identified. Of course, all for the 'benefit of society', the Colombian president said in his speech that Artificial Intelligence is changing all the foundations of research, it is making molecules, understanding the microbiome, developing technologies for medicine and fighting war. Yes, this and the IV Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Things and all the other components of Reset are clearly marked.

Robin Shattock, Chair, Mucosal Infection and Immunity, Imperial College London, United Kingdom speaks during the Session “Ask About: RNA Vaccines” at the Annual Meeting 2019 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, January 23, 2019. Congress Cenre - Science Hub . Copyright by World Economic Forum / Valeriano Di Domenico

Robin Shattock, a professor at the Imperial College, gave a report on mRNA injections, which could allow a faster response to various known diseases, but also the so-called disease X, which has long been used as a term for a mystical disease that will appear in the future. And appeared though. But Shatok's team was already working at the time on improvements to the production system that would allow tens of thousands of these experimental injections to be produced quickly in the first weeks after the outbreak. It is noted that currently - that is, in early 2019, the development process takes up to 10 years.

It was this problem that they solved before the Kovid affair began. Synthetic vaccines that do not require a real virus and use the body's own to produce this peak protein and antibodies against it can be developed in a matter of weeks and are the easiest path to mass global production. Note that all this is being written in early 2019. When the world had no idea that a huge amount of such experimental substances would need to be developed quickly for the whole world, and that conventional vaccines would not help for some reason. But they knew it and were preparing. That is what Professor Robin said: we need a complete change in the way vaccines are produced and approved. Bingo.

You can also read about Professor Wendy Barclay's ideas about the need to 'protect' animals by studying how transgenic animals can affect the spread of vaccines. It is the CRISPR technology, or genetic engineering, that these scientists intend to use to create, for example, chickens that are immune to so-called bird flu. In other words, it is another grand affair to replace normal poultry with genetically modified, because it ‘stops the virus in them’.

Another idea worth noting is Professor Jason Hallet's work on preserving the structure of poise even in the heat. This is called thermal stabilization so that the injections can be stored at room temperature without losing their structure. Remember how originally the Pfizer pot was supposed to be kept at minus 70, but now the vaccine crews are spraying right to left everywhere you happen?

All this was also planned and thought about in the beginning of 2019. Everything that started at the end of 2019 is exactly what was presented at the Davos Forum and for which they were obviously preparing carefully enough: the revolution of vaccines, when they are no longer vaccines, has taken place.