The next generation of DNA injections - what is Farma making?

What is the Pharmaceutical industry preparing for the naive people who wanted to end the planemia by squirting themselves with a substance of unknown consequences? Second-generation substance and subsequent experiments, as well as new devices for penetration into cells.

Now that the world has once again changed its planemic settings and reduced the effectiveness of existing hasty poems, bans have been renewed in the most conspiratorial countries, and there are more arcades here, because there are still many letters in the Greek alphabet and then constellations, as recently announced by the WHO. there will be no letters to denote the new variants, we can focus on an important topic. These are the next generation of vaccines and technologies.

Yes, did anyone really think that anything in the world would be solved with these first vaccines? No, such a setting has never existed. Those who follow the affair more closely may have noticed the announcement of Bill Gates, the planet's chief doctor, in October last year, shortly before the mass vaccination program began and people were so promised that it was a pass to happiness and new life in the old normal. Even now, the regimes continue to lie about what has never happened.

But Uncle Bill said the following in his interview: the first generation of vaccines will not help the world, so you can think of a return only with the second generation of injections. And so while the world was deceived by the first generation to enslave people into digital slavery, these second-generation technologies are being developed.

They can be found in an article published in May this year. So it starts with the nonsense that Pfizer vaccines are effective and 95% good, but it's time to think of another type of vaccine that will use DNA instead of RNA. In order to be able to vaccinate 7 billion people - and this is a clearly recognized goal, we need another way that will have no side effects, and the usual method of injecting with a needle is not really suitable, but there is still a need for some temperature regime, which has -70 to spray at the cemetery on the street.

But that's the way it is - to introduce new DNA substances into cells, another technology is needed and it's called electroporation. This technique is developed by Inovio. It is an electrical pulse that temporarily opens the cell channels and allows the substance to enter. The device resembles an electric toothbrush, which is pressed against the skin and then, at the push of a button, this impulse is created, which allows you to quickly and effectively vaccinate a person. According to Pharma, this is the tool they need to achieve their goal of squirting every inhabitant of the planet and completing their great plan for euthanasia. And of course, this project is floating in money and there is nothing missing - the US Department of Defense has signed a $ 71 million contract with Inovio so that the devices can be produced faster, and the Bill and Melinda Foundation has given another 5 million.

Inovio is currently testing these injections, or it's hard to see what they're called now - the devices and their plans already have hundreds of millions of doses to the planet's population, who will soon be told the good news DNA technology. The only problem is that this method is so non-standard compared to a conventional syringe that it can cause some problems - you have to be able to handle it and people who are vaccinated may not understand it. But skepticism doesn't bother the big plan - Inovio is another winner of the kovid affair, who never created such a DNA vaccine, but hopes to catch the big ruble with companies like Moderna - their product is the first in history and allows people to test it without demanding responsibility - that's great.

In a way, DNA technology is similar to mRNA, where foreign genetic material is introduced that is not naturally accepted by the body, so methods are needed to do so. In mRNA injection, it is an additional chemistry that allows the substance to enter the cell. But in the case of DNA injections, this technique doesn't work, so the developers resorted to a new form of delivery because the DNA molecule is too large to be found inside the cell - unlike mRNA injection, it can't work outside the cell nucleus.

This means that there is a need to physically push this molecule where it cannot naturally end up. Thus began experiments with various technologies, but the greatest potential is in the eclectroporation method. Inovio's latest device is called the Cellectra 3PSP and is battery-powered. It can be used to deliver several hundred doses on a single charge and has a capacity of about 5,000 injections. This is what future injection molding will look like if this process continues and experiments with humanity are not put to an end.