The incidence is increasing among vaccinees, but decreasing among unvaccinated - UK oddities.

Already last week, according to the ZOE Covid Symptom study, new symptomatic infections showed a declining trend among those who were not injected, but were growing where vaccines were received.

The trend continues this week as well - the non-squirting curve is declining, but among those who have received at least one dose, the infection is increasing.

In the UK, at least 67% of the population has already received their single dose. But this graph shows that this so-called Delta wave affects both groups, and among the unvaccinated it has already reached its peak and goes down, while the curve between the grafts is currently going up. Therefore, all the statements here about the need to vaccinate children and doubtful young people are completely stupid. As you can see, the disease curve among the unvaccinated is already falling without all the forced vaccinations and prohibitions. And the fact that it is growing among those who have been vaccinated virtually eliminates the need for hysteria about this new version of the Delta as a reason to urgently vaccinate everyone else.

Because the overall morbidity curve in the UK is currently rising precisely because it is caused by vaccinees. The argument that once vaccinated 100% and then only vaccinated, as the fact chakras try to present, is just as silly at the root, because in that case there is no difference between a 100% vaccinated or a 100% non-vaccinated society. there are possible outbreaks of the epidemic and the so-called virus is mutating into a new variant every year.

But it's with the flu business - get vaccinated as much as you want, it's still a season every year. Unless it is declared expired.