Politicians in Baltic states - as ambiguous as cocks - won't move without a hit

The mass protest action in Lithuania, which took place in Vilnius 3 days ago, showed an interesting trend - it was those who most actively advocated for democracy in Russia and Belarus that got a little overwhelmed there.

Now it turns out that relations with the people and democracy in Lithuania are quite bad for them. It was these gentlemen who had to face the most active 'love' of the Lithuanian people. One of the first to leave the Parliament building was the Minister of the Interior Arvidas Anšauskas. He is a member of the Fatherland Union / Christian Democrats. And he explains why he was planning to form a delegation to Belarus last year to fight for human rights there. No one called him there, of course, but for some reason this and other Lithuanian politicians burned with a keen desire to help the Belarusian fraternal people, who do not understand which president they had chosen and that Tchaikovsky would be better for them.

And so this politician was the first to hit near the protesters, where he was greeted by a rather active verbal shower and rude gestures. However, he did not intend to engage in any dialogue with his people and quickly left the scene. I wonder if now would be the time for Belarus to send a delegation and help Lithuania fight the political crisis and put human rights in order there?

Perhaps this will help Anušauskas to settle relations with Lithuanians, who call him the 'anus' of agents. The second shot, which had its share of popular anger, was Tom Tomilina. A year ago, he was also preparing to work in the same delegation that was going to deal with the political crisis in Belarus. They were the ones who demanded the release of all Belarusian prisoners and new elections in the country. Just think of the worries about the Belarusians.

This is not an internal affair of Belarus - every UN country has a commitment to international relations and human rights obligations - if they are not respected, the international community can intervene and react, said the delegation, which was also signed by Tom Tomilina.

Where are the human rights in Lithuania itself, or in Latvia and Estonia, which has been talking about Belarus in the same way all the time? Apartheid and discrimination here will not be a reason for the international community to intervene and demand new elections, will it?

The third staff, which the Lithuanians welcomed with the loudest applause, was Laurina Kašjunas, the chairman of the parliamentary committee on national security. This gentleman even looked noticeably distracted, probably not expecting anything like that. During the previous parliamentary term, he led a whole group of deputies "For a Democratic Belarus". After Lukashenko's election, he lamented that the Belarusian people were waiting for Lithuania's help, so sanctions against the country needed to be introduced sooner. Who, by the way, would most directly affect the nation, but who is interested in it. We must fight for democracy.

Kashun also has a troubled mind about Russia. Back in 2016, he preached about the fall and revolution of the Putin regime, another perestroika and other visions he liked that should take place in the great neighborhood. Well, nothing like that happens there.

The holy spirit of Lithuania, Vytautas Landsbergis, also recorded a whole video for the Belarusian people a year ago, wishing to overthrow Lukashenko sooner. The patriarch, on the other hand, calls on his own people not to resist the existing power and not to fight for human rights. Commenting on the events of August 10, Landsbergis announced that people were protesting simply after the protest. These are Bolshevik methods, simply to expel the state and power.

What does Vytautas know about the Bolsheviks as an agent of the KGB with the nickname 'dedule' or grandfather? Although he knows something and is worried about something. His grandson, the current Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, did not risk appearing at all. The police did not recommend him to go there at all. Who will now be to blame for the fact that brave human rights activists in Lithuania and also in Latvia have developed inhuman treatment of their own people? You can mention three times - but one is enough. The Kremlin and Putin.