Pfizer and national treaties - what do they say?

It would certainly be interesting to know what the agreements between vaccine manufacturers and countries look like. It turns out that one of these was discovered and published a long time ago, in January this year, and it is an agreement between Pfizer and Albania.

In fact, they are standard agreements and are likely to be exactly the same with other countries. The document was published in a resource of Albanian independent publicists. The question of whether this is 100% real can, of course, be debated, but there is no reason to doubt it at the moment, it is sufficiently detailed. The fact that this and other companies set quite draconian requirements for their customers and do not bear any responsibility for their vaccines, but it is no secret. In many places, local legislation was changed to accommodate the requirements of the Farm.

So it's worth taking a look at this document and reading what it all looks like. It has 52 pages. Let's look at the most interesting conditions. First, the agreement covers not only the injections themselves, but also all the other devices and technologies used to use or enhance them.

The purchaser understands that Pfizer's work on the development of this vaccine involves risks and therefore the terms of the contract cannot be changed even if a new or better drug or vaccine against kovid is discovered. (2.1b) This point is then also the reason why all kinds of other medicines are brutally suppressed, the same ivercmectin and others. Further afield -

The contractors are aware that the product has passed Phase 2b / 3 clinical trials and that, despite Pfizer's efforts, the product may not be successful for a variety of reasons - technical, clinical, manufacturing, delivery, storage or other conditions.

With regard to delivery, Pfizer assumes absolutely no liability for this and for delays, but the buyer has no right to terminate the contract. Any changes to this schedule are only unilateral and are decided by the supplier. Can you imagine a clause in a business contract where you have no guarantee of receiving your product on time, but you also can't start anything or refuse to work with such a supplier? But this agreement stipulates it even more specifically - the buyer repeals all and any local laws regarding the company in any way that regulate these deliveries. Here are the supplier terms only.

And there is a point that under no circumstances can the product be returned. That is why countries are already trying to push their unused vaccines to other countries, because neither Pfizer nor any other vaccine company is going to take them back, even if they cause terrible side effects. This agreement is generally higher than national law and is also specifically stipulated. We already know that none of these producers bears absolutely any responsibility for anything.

However, the most important thing in this whole measure is point 5.5. It clearly states that injections are being developed rapidly during an emergency and that research is ongoing. Therefore, the buyer signs that the effectiveness and long-term effects of the specific product are unknown, and currently unknown side effects may occur. And now let's ask all those governments that advertise this product as absolutely safe and effective, how is it possible to lie so brazenly?

The price is also interesting - for Albania, it was $ 12 per dose in this first contract, which is about half a million doses. The US price, on the other hand, was 19.50 per dose - it seems that the local company has thoroughly tainted American taxpayers.

And, of course, there is a specific and much talk about the fact that everything is always paid for by the state, but the company is released from all possible liability. The arbitral tribunal shall have jurisdiction in any matter relating to this Agreement in New York.

No sane businessman would enter into such an agreement. But here's something else entirely. In addition, from the manufacturer's point of view, everything is clear and understandable - they are not going to bear any responsibility for experimental slag. But the question is what is wrong with the head buyers.

The whole specific contract can also be found here, you can read what it looks like.