Nonsense of the week in the UK - placebo vaccine counts as 'vaccine'

If there was a section like ‘absurdity of the week’, then this message is definitely about that. The British government has publicly announced that injection passports will be issued to anyone who has participated in their clinical trials. Including the placebo group.

They, too, will be seen as completely squirted, the British Minister for Potatoes said, while announcing that they will have all the same benefits as the NHS kovid paper. It was said on Thursday by another British lord - there is a vaccine minister - Nadhim Zahawi. In his address, he noted the importance of kovid passports in stopping the virus and urged all large businesses and institutions to adopt this home 'health certificate' for customer safety. The NHS application can be used to confirm status or negative test results. All this constant tendency to control and divide people by status has once again proved itself in this situation, when those who have received ordinary fluids are also counted where they are completely vaccinated. It does not go with any logic, but the Minister repeated it twice in general.

However, this does not apply to everyone - those who have taken part in clinical trials with Novavax, for example in the British Isles, are not considered valid because the vaccine has not yet been approved there. Labor minister Rupa Huq, another British lady, complained to the minister that several of these members had already received threatening messages from the same NHS as if they were vaccine deniers and did not have access to the pleasures available to those British. who received placebo in other clinical trials but still considered fully vaccinated.

Novavax participants, on the other hand, cannot even get a UK-approved pot because they have taken part in these other tests. The imposition of certificates in the British Isles has irritated many - the same Zahawi said in February that it would be discrimination, but changed the tone in April and said that it would no longer be discriminatory if it was also used by those who had a negative test.

All this situation with certificates, the incompatibility of different poems, the recognition of a placebo substance as a vaccine on paper, exceptions for some and bans for others are just superfluous to show how grand the show is. And the second thing is that the question has long been raised about who governs the British Isles at all and who they are as politicians, or are the British Isles now a colony themselves?