Nazi Terror in the Philippines - The unvaxxed no longer can access stores

How far can medical terror go? An example can be found in the Philippines. There, the mayor of a city has already announced that the unvaccinated will not eat.

This is the case in the city of Lapu-Lapu, where its head has signed a law banning unscreened access to shops. Those who are reluctant to return their organisms to the experimental virus protocol have been completely expelled from society, and the government is no longer interested in how they will live and what they will eat. Food and basic resources are becoming the weapon of globalists against people. By depriving them, they provide for the complete subjugation and breaking of people.

This law provides for many kinds of bans until August 25. After that date, they will mostly be removed from those who have succumbed to the vaccine, but will continue to those who refuse to do so. They can no longer live in society. This is exactly what is written in this law - Section 4 says that after August 25, the entrance to any stores is only with a passport.

The reason for all this is the inability to reach the set 70% injection threshold in a natural and voluntary way. The city has a population of around half a million. After signing this law, the mayor also delivered a good news message to Facebook that the daily vaccination volumes have increased from 2,000 to 5,600. Yes, the mayor also has a profile on social networks.

This is perhaps the most extreme, but certainly not the last, example of the ruling regimes and politicians clearly demonstrating the true meaning of what is happening. In the Philippines, it is easier to start because people have nothing at all and are unable to defend themselves legally or financially. So there's a mayor out there who just makes fun of people. However, it should not be thought that this is the case only in third countries. That is their plan everywhere and now it is becoming even more apparent.