Mass unrest - the next phase of the operation

As we can see in many parts of the wider world, the big affair is rapidly moving to the next phase. These are various riots and riots. It all started last year in the United States, where many cities are now actually experiencing civil war and armed gangs are taking to the streets. What do the organizers need?

All these Democratic Party chain dogs, blm, antifa and floida worshipers have been raging there for years. But that alone does not end there. Riots have begun in many other places, such as South Africa, Haiti and Cuba, as well as protests in Europe and the recent injections of compulsory injections have already sparked mass marches on the streets in France, where a moderate civil war has been steady all the time.

Although the causes are formally different, the essence is the same everywhere - it is necessary to cause these unrest and preferably disruption. If the protests over these injections have so far been much quieter in principle, the situation is now beginning to change, as people are being forced to inject these dangerous substances with brute force, and this is happening in more and more countries.

And it also leads us to an understanding of this great plan. Today, the world is being deliberately pushed to start these riots wherever possible. In fact, this forced vaccination is more meant to frustrate and shake people as much as possible against each other and against the ruling regimes. That is why these statements are being made and, accordingly, the reaction that globalists have anticipated is the same as everything that has happened so far.

What they need to fully realize their plans is just such massive chaos, because that is what will allow them to start the final phase, or the implementation of the new world order. Because with all this intimidation, propaganda and terror, however, it is not enough - to impose a new, totalitarian regime, it always happens through the dismantling of the old system, but it includes social cataclysms, riots, revolutions or civil wars.

This is necessary in order to officially launch wars and persecution campaigns against those who cannot be fooled by propaganda or injections and lies of power about a pandemic. If you look at history, you will see that the liquidation of those who think differently always begins with some great hardship, be it Bertula's night in France or Crystal's night in Nazi Germany. Even today, everything is done in the same scenario and in each country a catalyst is found that can trigger mass unrest - forced grafting is one of the main ones, but others are also used - a brawl around Europe, in the states it was the sacred victim of Floida, Haiti it is the assassination of the president, in the southeast it was the arrest of the former president, there is now some killed lgbt journalist in georgia, in other words, everywhere these events are carefully organized and powder barrels explode one after another.

There are also the attributes of a totalitarian regime in the form of various posters here with us, and increasingly aggressive slogans to restrict the freedom of healthy people who do not want to get sick with the fake virus, test or poke with an experimental slope. There are already crews in the United States that go home and try to persuade them to squirt on the spot. All that remains is a small promise to the slogans that healthy and ungrafted deserve physical elimination, and we will unfortunately soon be able to experience that as well.

The purpose of all this riot is one: to achieve as much chaos and disorder as possible in order to do what is the main end of the whole plan. And it is to drive the whole world into such chaos that people are so broken and society so devastated that they themselves demand a firm hand that stops it all and puts it in order. At the same time, inflation, rising prices, rising unemployment and hopelessness operate. And again, we do not have to look very far for an example - remember what the situation was with the Weimar Republic before the Nazi party came to power. It is now in the United States itself, but South Africa has ceased to exist as a state and a society.

It was a demo model, which now wants to be realized for the whole world - first chaos and hardships, then strong rock and order - the new world order. That is why everything is planned for them already this year - a mandatory vaccine until mid-September, mass protests and provocations by not 'anti-thexistants' but special units that always do so, and then in November a global pandemic treaty repealing all constitutions and human rights. rights. Maybe it will have some shifts, maybe something will be different, but that's their plan.

Consequently, people would do much smarter if they reacted calmly to everything that was happening - they simply understood who their like-minded people are in workplaces where there is a risk of dismissal and collectively stand up for their rights. No one will want to dismiss good people who know their job, because an ungrafted and knowledgeable staff is more valuable than a vaccinated fool. Simply not adopting these rules would be much more effective than these protests in the streets, which will be deliberately turned into disruption, as the organizers of the affair are also waiting for. Die