Mandatory vaccinations on airlines

What does this division look like on major US airlines? So that three large corporations have announced that injections will not be mandatory for existing employees. This was said a few days after the other competitors announced the opposite.

Those who do not impose vaccines - American airlines, Southwest airlines and, ironically, Delta airlines. For the time being, employees in these companies are lucky, because there will be no requirement for them to do so at the moment. Although their leaders say they are encouraging it, they will not be forced to vaccinate - at least until they are fully approved. Yes, there is still a gap in the legislation, as long as the vaccines are experimental, their coercion can be challenged in court and won. How will it be then, obviously, much harder. Although the majority of employees on these lines are also squirted, there are still some 25% left, which are not.

It should be noted that this option not to apply only to existing employees, while newcomers without vaccines will not be hired in these companies either. Delta airlines announced in May that it would operate on this principle. These three companies with such a strategy are slightly different from the others. For example, on August 6, another U.S. airline, United Airlines, announced that all 67,000 U.S.-based employees must squirt by October 25, or terminate their employment.

In this way, it became the first US airline to impose this requirement on all its employees. This was followed by others - literally a few hours later, the same announcement was made from Hawaian airlines, which have a deadline of 1 November. Another carrier, Frontier Airlines, gives an even shorter deadline, only until October 1. It is a low cost carrier that also offers free flights to a vaccinated friend for the same price paid by the passenger. Similar bribery techniques are used by other companies for both employees and passengers. The same American offers one extra holiday for the 2022 vacation if the employee sprays by the end of the month.

Still other companies are just getting ready - there are still Alaska airlines in the US that have already sent out a warning that they have the right to request injection status. Of course, against the background of the growing vaccine terror, more and more companies are demanding it, and in Canada these passports are required even for domestic travel, so it can be concluded that soon all major carriers will demand it. At present, some airlines that still allow the unvaccinated have started to physically separate them from the injectors, but some airports already have separate waiting lines for each other.