Israeli-Pfizer deal will hide side effects for 10 years?

Such a statement was made by Dr. Robert Malone, one of the pioneers of mRNA technology, has, according to the information available to him, a clause in the agreement between Pfizer and Israel that provides a seal of secrecy regarding the consequences of injections for the next 10 years.

It's the key to understanding what's really going on. In Israel, it seems that, as one of their scientists told me, the agreement between Pfizer and the government stipulates that information on serious side effects must be kept secret for the next 10 years.

Israel is currently facing an epidemic of injectors, and hospitals are full of them. This can be seen from the Israeli internal media, where the clip shows information that 95% of patients in hospitals have been injected and 85-90% of them have received both doses. That's not all - shortly after the third vaccine, the first 14 cases of a 'booster' are reported.

As with the initial vaccination, Israel continues to be an experimental laboratory, and here on August 1 began the third vaccination experiment for seniors 60 years later. As a result, the country has one of the highest grafting rates in the world, and only a few weeks ago it was announced that the long-awaited 'crowd immunity' had been achieved. Now it turns out that there is no immunity, but there is an epidemic among the injectors and even the third vaccine leads to the disease anyway.

The recent ‘success story’ now reports the highest increase in severe cases in the last 4 months and 324 hospitalizations. But all this is only publicly available information from the 'official' media, so it is hardly possible to find out the true situation, all the more so given the possible secrecy protocol.