Global digital citizen - UNESCO attacks children

What do you know about an organization like UNESCO? Its full name is The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. A beautiful name, but what lies inside?

It is one of the chapters or programs of the United Nations, founded in 1945, whose noble mission, like the United Nations itself, is to bring peace, education and culture to the whole world. This organization includes 193 countries. All this can be found and read in any encyclopedia. Latvia has also been in this organization since 1991.

Now to the next, little by little, people are becoming clear that these globalist organizations are hiding completely different goals than we see on their beautiful signboards, or what we have thought about them.

Of course, UNESCO is one of their most important tools, designed specifically for the formation, education and upbringing of people, especially children, through educational, cultural and scientific programs, which is also the name of this organization.

But in this context, it is high time to start paying attention to what is really behind these beautiful slogans. But there is something terrible here. At the same time, it shows once again that the ongoing affair and covidshow is a grand and long-standing effort to bring about a global transformation and change everything we have known so far, including the people themselves. How can this be done - of course, it is difficult to break those who still understand that everything that is happening is not normal and unacceptable, so it is important for any usurper to take control of the children and start teaching them in their new order.

That is exactly what UNESCO is doing. Here you can find a very shocking document, which was published in 2016. It is a future education project and was presented at a seminar in Paris. This project educates digital global citizens. Exactly. According to the authors' forecasts, already in 2025 there will be a trillion sensors connected to the Internet in the world, 90% of the world's population will use smartphones. Needless to say, the initiative is being organized by Klaus Schwab with his Davos Forum.

It describes how to make children fit for life in cyberspace, from digital identity and online education to the Code of Conscious Digital Citizen. This training starts at the age of 6-12 and is initially planned to start in the Asian region. Probably because there people are already trained in technology as obedient biorobots and there the program is already working.

However, now a relevant website has been launched, which plans to implement this whole program in the rest of the world. It's called exactly that - and here you can read what their vision is and what it means to be a global digital citizen. Everything that could be read in fiction books about how the world is governed by a huge cult is now openly published.

Behind the fine words of shared responsibility, it is also clear that there is no longer a notion of national or national affiliation here, because everyone is a global and digital citizen. In general, it is already called the single world government, which was recently considered the biggest conspiracy.

Well, here you can read the same rules as the pioneers or scouts used to be, only here is a completely different opera. The main one sounds like this -

The digital citizen needs to be aware that he or she lives in a world where everything is common and transparent, so it must be taken into account that every activity is recorded and recorded.

Then, when you start thinking about why you needed a cowboy, a plan demem and digital passports, but then digital ID, 5G and the Internet of Things, then remember that the New World Order started raising children already in 2016. That is why it would be high time for all sensible parents to take their children out of globalist-run school systems and move on to alternative projects if you do not want to lose them with syringes and even without them in such madness. This is no longer any education, it is a cult of technocrats.