Fully ‘vaccinated’ - how many doses does that mean?

Many in the world have now received their new status, called 'fully vaccinated' - most have received their two doses, as well as the same Johnson syringe. And most of them are convinced that it will end and that everything will return to normal life immediately. Not so fast.

Recently, various studies are emerging, which make it clear that 'fully vaccinated' was not intended to be a permanent concept, it will have to be renewed all the time with another experimental syringe. The only question is how often it will be. If at the beginning there was talk of a third pot, now there are five. Matti Sallberg, a biomedical analyst at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said the protection would not work for people with standard first vaccinations. So extra vaccines are needed.

We do not know how long vaccines protect against serious illness and death. This means that you choose to be safe, not to be safe.

After the second dose, the immune response slowly weakens. After a year, many may have lost protection - but if you inject yourself a third dose, it will be activated again. Biology says that a weaker immune response is not uncommon over time. Then it's the turn of the third, fourth and maybe 5 doses - the professor continues.

Here is the scenario for the future: these statements are just in time for several European countries to announce a 'booster' in September, while Israel has been doing so since 1 August.

What is interesting is that the given professor is also Svenska Vaccin Fabriken - on this page he is marked as the founder, boss and chief scientific director. Who would have thought that.

He is not the only one talking about the inadequacy of the current spraying - Israeli Dr. Kobi Hayiv is playing the same thing - the effectiveness of poys is weakening and 95% of Israelis in hospital are sprayed. The same had been said before by America's chief doctor Fauci - booster injections are needed in the future.

Just in June, CDC specialists stated that the society does not need a third vaccine at the moment. Of course, it was a long time ago and it was a different science. Long ago, in May of this year, former CDC director Tom Frieden said that the annual cow vaccines would not be needed at all. At the time, there was 0 evidence that it might be needed - but by August, all the evidence had already emerged and Israel was already injecting a third dose.

Science is going big steps forward, isn't it?