Empty store shelves - a reality in the USA as well

One of the parameters of the early stage of the plan demony last spring was the frightened society's rat running to the shops, grabbing everything that could be taken out, and in those weeks many supermarkets in the West looked like the last phase of the collapse of the USSR.

At the moment, a similar problem is gradually recurring in US stores. But there is one huge difference. Back then, it was due to a huge and rapid increase in demand, but now the reason is quite the opposite - the products are starting to be in short supply, not because they are bought more, but because they simply no longer exist.

According to Bloomberg, several major US food suppliers are already reporting difficulties in fulfilling orders, which is also due to staff shortages in the industry. For example, giant Sysco, the largest supplier of its kind in North America, is simply refusing customers in areas where demand is too high.

Moreover, inflation and prices are rising. The company says that key commodities such as chicken, pork and parchment products for packaging are currently growing rapidly due to lack of them. Production of products such as packaged ribs, wings and fillets has decreased. And this increase in prices on the supply side will very soon be passed on to consumers.

Who is to blame for such a situation? In the United States, it is the deliberate policy of the Biden administration to actually introduce a globalist plan that begins with incentive checks for not working during the plan demony. This has led to Americans simply not wanting to work at all anymore. It accustomes them to a future universal income. And all this leads to the execution of a grand plan, or the destruction of the food logistics chain, when it simply cannot function normally. Of course, the same is true in other areas, and not just in the United States.

Another major supplier, United Natural Foods, is also in a situation where it is no longer possible to meet delivery schedules for stores. They have not only a shortage of staff, but also the difficulties of the purchasing process itself for a number of product groups, such as cheese or coconuts.

In addition, the winter becomes even more severe and this is also acknowledged by the company's management. And the problem with many other companies is exactly the same: all these bonuses have resulted in a catastrophic shortage of manpower during the plan demo. The second problem, of course, is forced vaccination, which also scares many away from work and dismisses tens of thousands who do not want to inject.

Benjamin Walker, vice president of another company, Baldor Specialty Foods, also admits that the entire food sector is experiencing a huge labor crisis. The level of service is the lowest I've seen in my 16-year career, he admits. And it's not going to improve. Therefore, empty shelves are becoming a reality in the once glorified and prosperous West. Because the plan to destroy them is not very different from the collapse of the USSR. The same architects alone are.