Digital trap - ID2020

At the moment, globalists are trying to implement several control technologies at the same time, which seem to be unrelated, but all this is part of a big plan. It is a carefully planned digital trap in which, as they hope, we will all fall. Whether it will be depends on knowledge.

Meanwhile, these traps are set very carefully. The main tool in it is a cowhide show, which speeds up the whole process many times. Many still do not realize that they are going directly to this cage, which will make them themselves scannable QR codes - traceable, controllable and completely dependent on the gods of the Great Techno and Farm Cartel, who will be the new religion

To understand how this happens, it is necessary to look a little at the current trends, which will later merge into a single control mechanism. The first step in this is obvious - they are digital health passports, or in the words. of local 'alumni' - 'interoperable certificates'. These are already being introduced in many countries and are being planned here. Those who are protesting are not any 'antivaks' - protests are against digital slavery. As early as August 2, Jeffriey Zients, coordinator of the Biden virus group, announced that it was time to introduce some requirements for vaccination. The question of what those claims were followed by the answer that anything will be considered. Anything. It also means placing the unvaccinated in special camps - an idea that the CDC came up with last July.

But digitalisation begins with cities. The mayor of the city of New York was the first to apply for such passports. There has never been an attempt in human history to divide people by vaccination status - not during polio or chickenpox, or during the Spanish flu and common flu epidemic. But now it is happening and in New York, the mayor has also forced businesses to ban services for the unvoted, which is 30% of the population. It is not clear at the moment how he intends to put this into practice. Will there be police at each store? But there are big problems with the police in the US, and the BLM movement is there to 'stop funding the police', leading to a sharp rise in crime. Well, the former governor of the state of New York, Cuomo, tried to be a little more diplomatic and persuade businesses to introduce such requirements, saying that it was in their interests. Will see what the next governor in this state will do.

But in any case, such requirements mean excluding 1/3 of the population from the list of clients and treating them as inhuman. It was the same in Nazi Germany, when the state banned dealing with Jews - but their population was not 1/3 or even half, as is the case in many places where there is such a division between vaccinated and non-vaccinated. This means that 1/3 of New Yorkers simply can't even feed their children without being in supermarkets. These digital passports require a downloadable scanable QR code on your smartphone and it shows that the person has received their syringe.

But this is only the first part of the plan. The second is the new digital ID system, which is a broader concept and includes more than just this digital virus passport. It is an ID2020 alliance with more than 35 members and all the power-hungry globalist formations of power - Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, MasterCard, Accenture, IBM, the Bill Gates Gavic Vaccine Alliance and many more.

In February of this year, they launched the Good Health Pass initiative, which will bring together all the different kovid applications. Paper virus passports can be easily forged - warns the alliance in its press release. It must therefore be ensured that this can be demonstrated by digital code.

The next step is a programmable digital currency. The world's central banks are working very hard on this, which means that they will be able to see every transaction in full and disconnect people from the system at any time, or ban them from buying a particular product. Imagine being able to give your child 10 digital euros but a ban on buying alcohol or cigarettes? Sounds nice if it were - but now apply the same to yourself and the government, which bans shopping somewhere itself. In July, the International Monetary Fund published an article stating that it was India that had launched the most active war to eliminate cash. And, of course, the virus is mentioned here as the reason, which is the reason for giving up cash. Of course.

And so we already have a digital identity, a digital health passport that needs to be regularly updated with booster pots and digital money that connects in one system.

And now the last step in the introduction of digital slavery remains - which the Great Techno is also working day and night. It is the removal of all resistance from the digital environment and the Internet. For this purpose, a so-called Internet passport is being developed, where the user also needs such a certificate, within which his activities in the network are checked. It starts with a lie about the need to regulate 'cyber-attacks' and 'white racism' - Paypal has already announced that it will start looking for them and their accounts will be closed. Of course, it does not take long to think who will actually be the ones who will be locked and blocked - they will be neither 'terrorists' nor pedophiles, because they themselves sit in the leadership of all countries - they bpeople who are not vaccinated and dissatisfied with tyranny.

Today, for many, the Internet has become not only a means of communication, but also a tool for work and financial flow. Excluded, this means that a person appointed as a dissident without these certificates will not only not be able to physically enter the store to buy bread, but he will not be able to do so even online as an order with delivery. Then all that's left is the black market, the Darknets and life underground. But there, at the sunny top, everyone walks with social credit points and under constant control, which changes them up or down. Orwell could not yet imagine much of what could be done with today's technology, on which many have become completely dependent.

But it all starts with rows at the vaccination centers. This is the first step leading to this stable, from which it will be practically impossible to get out. It's about this story, not about 'health' or travel.