Covidshow continues - the biggest risk group in Israel - injected young people

Israel is a never-ending miraculous success story. The third dose is now approved for those over 30 years of age. They are in the highest risk group, despite being injected with the previous two.

Earlier this week, 9,800 new cases were reported there, despite the fact that 1.5 million had already received a third syringe. In his speech, the new Israeli prime minister stated literally the following:

It is very important to understand this, and I think most of the public is not yet aware of it. Paradoxically, the most at-risk population today is those who have received both injections, but not the third. Why?

Because they walk around and are sure they are safe because they have received both doses. They do not understand that the protection of the last vaccine against Delta has expired and they urgently need to go for the third dose.

As a result, many young people, including members of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) Gilad Kariv and Itamar ben Gvir, are seriously ill and hospitalized. They are at the highest risk. Those who have not been vaccinated know this well, they have probably been sitting in a locked room for a year and a half.

Israel was the first country to start injecting 3 doses to anyone over 60 on August 1st. But on 19 August, the threshold was lowered to 30 years and pregnant women, teachers, health workers and prisoners are also being injected. Despite the fact that Israel is one of the highest-injected countries in the world with a dose of 151 per 100 people, masks, dating restrictions and increased testing have been renewed, as the morbidity is rising rapidly.

Just after the FDA approved the Pfizer syringe on Aug. 23, commissioner Janet Woodcock said the public could be confident in the high standards the FDA requires for safety, efficacy, and quality in the manufacturing process.

This statement is in no way consistent with what is happening in Israel, where only this product is being sprayed. And it looks very unkind to listen to what the Israeli Prime Minister is saying. Dvir Aran, a biomedical data scientist at the Israel Institute of Technology, also says it will take a long time for the youngest to receive a third syringe and meanwhile get seriously ill.

In turn, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who advocates the use of hydrochloric acid in the treatment of the disease, gave a speech on August 4 to the rabbi in court about these vaccines.

Let me ask a question. If you are injected, if you are in the majority of society, why do you have an epidemic? And why do we need a third vaccine with the same composition that didn't work the first two times?

Logical? Of course. Zelenko has talked a lot about the connection of these pouches with blood clots and heart damage. And he emphasizes once again that natural immunity is a million times more effective than artificial immunity. So why should someone be sprayed with a toxic and potentially lethal substance if they have healthy and natural antibodies.

This is World War III. What is happening is an unprecedented case in human history - concluded Zelenko. However, it does not yet find hearing ears in Israel, as elsewhere in the world. We are waiting for 4 pots.