Candida auris - or the next epidemic?

Many researchers of the current affair have reasonable suspicions that globalist plans will not end with this kovid virus. That they plan to run something much more lethal than this television, which is just to drive fear. Could it be a fungal infection?

Either way, but the big media is already reporting that outbreaks of such infections in the United States are appearing in long-term hospitals in Texas and Washington, D.C. This has been announced by the CDC center. It is a type of fungus called Candida auris and it attacks people with weakened immune systems - as well as otherwise. The CDC also claims that there is evidence of human-to-human infection.

At present, the two outbreaks are not yet linked, but mortality is quite significant at 30%, no longer covid or Chinese flu. Candida auris was discovered in the United States in 2013 and is resistant to antibiotics and also to everything used in the hospital to kill bacteria and fungi, Dr. Neeta Ogden was still in 2019, when news about such an infection first appeared. What it is about the fungus can be read here. Its symptoms are difficult to detect because they usually appear in people who are already ill, but it is usually a fever and a cold that does not go away after taking a course of antibiotics. It is important to diagnose it quickly, but this can only be done through a thorough laboratory test. But maybe a PCR test will work?

It is spread directly in hospitals and care centers, but it can also be spread through human contact, skin cells and contact. So far, the prevalence of C.auris has been observed in 30 different countries, but in 2019 it was already noted that the infection appeared on 3 different continents at the same time and each strain had its own genetic code. Experts are not sure why, but there are versions that climate change is to blame.

Of the 101 cases identified in Washington, D.C., between January and April, three were resistant to all known antibiotics.

In contrast, out of 22 Texas cases, 3 were in the same period. The CDC notes in its report that this is the first time a human-to-human infection has started. Whether this could be the new bogey or not, time will tell. In any case, according to its parameters and described properties, such an infection corresponds well to another global epidemic or to the faster elimination of hospital patients. Maybe it's just another media hysteria that will make people avoid each other even more. However, the fact that they will not stop with the coward seems quite certain.