British Royal Institute - You will not eat

If someone still tells you that everything that is happening now is not a global affair, then all you have to do is point to sites where all these plans are clearly set out. One such site is the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, or RIIA.

Back in early February this year, a 'study', or rather a scenario of depriving people of food, was placed there. It is also called as trategy to reduce food production and consumption worldwide. Methods for doing this are also offered. Everything, of course, is based on the need to protect the planet, just like the green affair, which is one and the same plan.

The report "Food System Impacts on Biodiversity Loss: Three Levers for Food System Transformation in Support of Nature" makes it clear that the monarchy has plans to raise world food prices and forcefully reduce its production. Also, keep in mind that all this is happening at the same time as alarming reports that there are already hundreds of millions of hungry people in the world and that hunger is cutting people every day more than any virus other than this fake affair.

This is an open plan for depopulation and genocide. Its authors are 5 veterans of the climate affair, the main one being Tim Benton, who also runs the Royal Energy, Environment and Resources Program. He was also one of the authors of the 2017 special climate report. But the main point of this report is that food production is the main cause of biodiversity loss.

Since 1600, the amount of land used for agriculture has increased 5.5 times. At present, the cultivation of cereals and livestock occupies half of the planet's habitable land. Food production is harmful and degrades the natural environment, as well as leading to the extinction of species. The policy of the last decade has been to grow more and more food at lower prices. Intensified agriculture is depleting soil and ecosystems, reducing soil fertility and needs to be increased in capacity to cope with growing demand. An increase in the requirement for cheaper calories only increases this pressure. Current food production depends on pesticides, soil supplements, energy, water and land.

That's why RIIA offers three levers to break this cheap food paradigm.

The first - Change people's diets to reduce food consumption. How to do it? Reduce emissions from food production systems to the 2015 Paris Climate Affair criteria. This means reducing human consumption of plant biomass and also reducing people from consuming too many calories. The Royal Institute has estimated that replacing meat with legumes in America alone would free up 42% of the utilized land to be used to restore ecosystems. (Or sell to Bill Gates, who is already the largest farmer in the United States)

This is also the second point - to remove land from agriculture. This means that huge areas of land must be stopped cultivated and left to nature, as other species need a lot of space to develop.

And the third point is to transform the remaining crops and reduce the amount of machinery involved. All these points can only work together, the authors admit. But the most important of these right now is the change in diet and the reduction in the amount of food that people eat on a daily basis.

Of course, humanity would not voluntarily agree to such plans, which is why global guidelines are being developed to force people to change from financial instruments to deprive modern agriculture of funding, stop lending, increase taxes and so on, but encourage premiums for rural remains empty - it is a sufficiently effective mechanism that has already been worked out where local production was eliminated in the EU's poorer countries so that there is no competition for large manufacturers. The same is now being said for everyone on a global scale. This is followed by the development of new technologies, flour worms, locusts, printed burgers and everything that does not require land use, but can be produced by chemically-synthetic processes. Of course, there is vegan and other propaganda.

And again, veganism is, of course, an attainable and spiritually developed human self-evident thing. In this case, however, it is quite another: the whole plan is leading to a massive depopulation and control mechanism, which is exactly what is happening now: food shortages, rising prices and the removal of hundreds of millions of 'surplus eaters'. Therefore, you have a "virus" and related behavioral training habits, do not walk in stores, shop fast, only the most necessary. How much this affair will affect each of the societies concerned depends directly on how much of each population has the opportunity to grow its own food, how many live in cities.

But millions of people around the world continue to fan the royal family, follow its actions as a reality show and fail to understand what it is or the genocide it carried out.