Are the big media switching directions or it's just a game?

In the last week, something unexpected has also happened in the big media world. Several of them have begun to question the effectiveness of vaccines and the need to force them.

This is especially true of third vaccines, which ‘health experts’ are trying to smear as a solution to the fact that the previous two did not work.

But some major media are starting to publish articles in which, until very recently, the questions asked guaranteed exclusion from FB or Youtube. The first turning point of this kind can be seen in Bloomberg's article a week ago, which begins with a dramatic headline - the vaccinated are excited, but science has no answer, where the following is written:

Injected people get sick and the rates are unusually high. It is not yet clear how many of them there are or how many they spread the virus. Although injecting still provides strong protection, there are growing concerns that injectors may be more susceptible to disease than previously thought.

This is what the first major media exchange course looks like. On the same day, the BBC, sponsored by the British government, also asked itself an atypical question.

Their article was called - is it better to inject than to get sick?

And the article says that this is really a serious question about whether children should ever be injected at all. And will the third vaccine help at all.

We can bury ourselves in a deep cave for a very long time, where we will think that we can prevent šmovid only with buster vaccines every year.

It is quoted by Professor Eleanor Riley of the University of Edinburgh. Just a month ago, people were blocked on all social networks for such expressions. But now these two big media are starting to talk about the fact that this is actually an experiment, despite the fact that so many governments are trying to impose it on us by force.

ABC News, the third major media outlet, recently published a very special article in this information field, where injection hysteria has dominated so far. That's what it was called - why you shouldn't rush the third dose.

Better late than never - once the big media are forced to admit that this is not a well-thought-out step and can have unpredictable consequences, it only means that everything is a hundred times worse. In the end, the winners in any case will be those who have passed and will not participate in this experiment with their lives.