Don't miss out zHustlers performance on "Floating Man 2021" festival in Liberland!


Great news for conscious mindset music fans of zHustlers. The singer of zHustlers Martins Ate will be singing on the Liberlan'ds annual music festival "Floating Man 2021" opening and closing days in total performing over 30 songs!

The president of the self-proclaimed state "Liberland", the Czech Vit Jedlička, bought a large property with two hectares of water near Apatin and is now building a luxury tourist complex called "Green Arch" (formerly "Green Head").

From August 12 to 15, 2021, a freedom festival called "Floating Man 2021" will be held on Lake "Arka" near Apatin. As part of the event organized by the state, "Liberland" will be held through sports and other events, and everything will be accompanied by a rich and diverse music program in which bands and DJs will perform.

On Thursday, August 12, at 2 pm, opening concert will be held by the reggae artist "zHustlers", and admission for that is free.

You can see the complete program of the festival here. And listen to zHustlers here.

This is the third year of the "Floating Man" freedom festival, an event which, according to the organizers, is fun for all libertarians and friends of their vision.