Create Crypto Surveys in Minutes

You have probably heard of surveys being misused for collecting user information and then using it for different purposes. In fact, it has been observed that many organisations simply collect information from their users about a few particular things and then use that data to determine many things like how their users behave, what kind of buying/engaging patterns they exhibit and what age groups of users are most likely to behave in what particular ways. While collecting this type of data is certainly beneficial if you are looking to use that information for creating/crafting some different types of projects, you can better use these surveys to do something entirely different – engaging your community. Crypto surveys are again just a way of marketing your project to a wider group of audience.

What you can also use these surveys for is tracking the data of your users and understanding what their understanding of the space is. Let’s say you design a survey where you ask your users what kind of information do they have when it comes to the entire industry of cryptocurrency. When they respond saying that they have a fundamental understanding then you can engage those users and in fact entice them to talk about something within the space and ask them to talk about it on social media channels. As they share their opinions about that problem or anything else, they are likely to engage their own network. Once that happens, they can easily help you in building a much stronger base for your community.

Moreover, you could also use these surveys to understand if the community members have some basic understanding about the product that you are building. If you feel that they don’t have that knowledge, then you can work to provide that info in detailed fragments. Or you could engage the more knowledgeable community members in coming up with best ways of dealing with this problem. Join today!