Zeroth patient - from where does Corona Virus spread in Europe?

American scientists conducted an experiment in Santa Clara County in Northern California, which in the United States was one of the first to record the spread of infection. According to the authors of the experiment, 2.5% –4.2% of the district population may have antibodies to coronavirus, which indicates that they may have transferred COVID-19.

“These prevalence estimates reflect a range from 48,000 to 81,000 people infected in Santa Clara County by early April, which exceeds the number of confirmed cases from 50 to 85 times,” the researchers conclude.

Meanwhile, experts from different countries are trying to restore the logical sequence of the spread of coronavirus.

Zeroth patient in Europe and in Russia

Doctors were able to establish a null patient, who, apparently, just infected coronavirus all over Europe. According to the authors of the report in the medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine of the Massachusetts Medical Society, the spread of coronavirus in Europe most likely occurred during the incubation period, which lasted long and almost asymptomatically in the zero and first patients. The representative of the Chinese business, who visited Germany, turned out to be the zero patient. The first patient was a German who contacted her, through which the coronavirus a little later, apparently, spread to Germany and Italy. Moreover, in the FRG this information was hushed up for a long time.

On January 28, three more employees of a German company led by the first patient indicated had a coronavirus test that also showed a positive result. And only one of them had contact with a zero patient from China, and the other two had contact with their leader. These people during the incubation period managed to infect others, those subsequent. Thus, COVID-19 was brought to the north of Italy, where it gave a powerful flash, and from there it crawled all over Europe and other countries.

As it turned out, in Russia a middle-aged citizen of the Russian Federation who flew to Moscow from Milan became a zero patient with coronavirus infection. This was announced by the head of the department of hospital therapy of the Russian National Research Medical University. Pirogov academician of the RAS Alexander Chuchalin. According to the expert, thanks to the timely identification of characteristic complications, the patient was diagnosed with coronavirus extremely quickly. In addition, Chuchalin added that this man was also the first in the country to recover from COVID-19. At the same time, the patient managed to infect his elderly parents. The man’s father had to be connected to the ventilator, and his mother’s illness was more mild.

World zero patient scramble

Initially, in the Chinese reports on coronavirus, the seafood market in Wuhan was featured as a reference point. Sina claimed that the first woman to confirm the coronavirus in December was a woman who traded shrimp there but was infected by bats.

Fox News reports that bats were never sold in markets in Wuhan, and channel interlocutors said it was necessary to lay the blame on the market for the spread of infection in order to mask the guilt of a Chinese laboratory from which an unintentional leak occurred. The first to become infected with a coronavirus, according to Fox News, worked in one of the laboratories in China, where the infection appeared. The channel notes that COVID-19 "did not appear in the laboratory as a biological weapon," but was the result of China’s attempts to surpass the United States in detecting and fighting viruses. Fox News sources noted that the infection was transmitted from bats, and a null patient then spread it to other people in Wuhan.

Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne also believes that China is not straightforward and hides some of the information regarding the origins and spread of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, according to Le Parisien, France’s Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, who received the international HIV discovery prize, said the coronavirus was created in the laboratory. The professor thinks he was developed by molecular biologists by adding particles of HIV. Speaking about the goal of the virus developers, he noted that perhaps they wanted to create an AIDS vaccine. In Montagnier’s view, the leak of the new coronavirus came from a laboratory in Wuhan. However, Le Parisien notes that other virologists refute the version of the Nobel laureate.

Author: Eugene Benya