COVID-19 is a wail behind which serious problems are hidden

Various materials appear daily in the media, where the authors reveal the details of the emergence and spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the world.

Every day, the version of a specially derived infection in biological laboratories in the USA is becoming more convincing, while China is being relegated to the background.

The media show that there are US biological laboratories in many countries, including the former republics of the USSR, where they create deadly weapons under the guise of peaceful experiments.

An interesting fact is that the work of biological laboratories is prohibited in America.

At the same time, American globalists in 2010 spoke of a viral infection that will take over the whole world and panic the inhabitants of the planet, writes the Russian News Agency.

The same idea is shared by the US National Intelligence Council. So, in the 2004 report “Drawing the global future. Project for 2020 ”, the special services directly indicated today's date - 2020.

“The process of globalization, no matter how powerful it may be, can be significantly slowed down or even stopped. Apart from the major global conflict, which we consider unbelievable, another major event that, in our opinion, could stop globalization, would be a pandemic. ”

“Such a pandemic in megacities of the developing world with weak health systems - in sub-Saharan Africa, China, India, Bangladesh or Pakistan - will have devastating consequences and can spread rapidly around the world. Globalization will be in jeopardy. ”

The popular blogger Chipstone stated: "It was the pandemic that was the ideal force majeure factor, for which it is virtually impossible to blame anyone on that." Consequently, the perpetrators can not be found? But the financial and economic crisis struck. And the pandemic "blocked" him. And we cannot ignore this.

Surprisingly, some experts are now wondering: “Not a single global think-tank has been able to predict a pandemic.” More as predicted! They knew that she - sooner or later - but would come. The owners of the financial system have studied its features well, up to the moment when it can no longer withstand and collapse ...

Moreover, in the understanding of the US military, a pandemic, like bioweapons, “is an important scenario not because it is the biggest risk, but because it affects the system most.”

Due to coronavirus, at least 1.5 billion people in four dozen (so far) most developed countries in the world underwent quarantine, according to Sky News. That is, at the main production sites - ti-shi-na. And the same financiers lament: “Well, that all collapsed because the workers did not work, but sat home. And we have nothing to do with it. We are white and fluffy. ” They have already begun to broadcast about it on TV, shifting responsibility “from a sick head to a healthy one” - this is their scenario. Although, de facto, it was precisely because of the tricks of Wall Street and the Fed that the world survived to its current adventures.

And financiers not only speak, but also act. Some American law firms - the Berman Law Group and Lucas-Copmton filed a joint lawsuit against ... the PRC government. And what are these offices? So, one of their founders and owners is Francis Biden. Who is he? So he is the brother of the former vice president of the United States, and now the presidential candidate - Joe Biden. Hand washes a hand.

These offices are now accusing China of "acting in the mercenary interests, hiding information about the epidemic," which ultimately affected the whole world, including the United States. Representatives of the two firms - swindlers like O‘ Henry - hope that if they win, they will be able to seize the assets of Chinese state-owned companies in the United States. The total amount of damage that they intend to do to China is not yet precisely determined, but could amount to trillions of dollars.

This trick was invented to compensate for the loss of Westerners.

According to a report by UNCTAD (“The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development”): “We now predict that pressure on global investment will decline from minus 30% to minus 40%. The top 5,000 transnational corporations (mainly Western - S.F.), which account for a significant share of global investment, are currently forecasting a revision of their profit estimates in 2020 by an average of minus 30%. ” Western revenues from Globalization are falling rapidly.

Morgan Chase predicts a general increase in the number of unemployed in the USA to more than 7-8 million people. This is significantly more than in 2008 and comparable to the times of the Great Depression. According to other estimates, US unemployment will rise to 14-15 million people.

- From March 19, the United States is losing 50 to 65% of GDP for each day of downtime on an annualized basis. For the quarter, the economy will lose 2/3. Bank of America said that "the US economy has completed a multi-year growth period and entered a recession."

The coronavirus pandemic confronted Trump with a choice - either quarantine throughout America, or he will run for elections in November with a collapsed economy, and Biden will come to power and then the coronavirus will seem only the beginning.