The fifth patient in Estonia with 'Covid-19', four traveled through Riga Airport

In Estonia, the fifth patient with the new coronavirus disease "Covid-19" has been identified. Four sick have traveled through Riga Airport, reports As of Thursday night, two people affected by the infection were identified in Estonia, bringing the total number of patients in Latvia's neighboring country to five.

The two fell ill in Tallinn on 29 February. One came from Bergamo in Italy and the other arrived in Tallinn via Riga Airport. Both patients are treated at home. One of the patients had symptoms of high fever and difficulty breathing, while another patient had cough.

It has already been reported that Estonia confirmed a third person on Thursday morning , but now the number has risen to five. Already reported on March 2, the first case of the new coronavirus disease "Covid-19" has been confirmed in Latvia . The sick woman arrived in Riga by plane from Munich, initially visiting Milan. And on Thursday morning, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPCC) reported that a total of 170 patients have been investigated so far on suspicion of Covid-19. Of all, one case was positive and the disease was diagnosed.