Japanese Minister: Tokyo Olympics start may be delayed

Japan's Olympic Games Minister Seiko Hashimoto said on Tuesday that the contract to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would allow the race to be held throughout the year, which would delay the start of the race due to Covid-19 coroner, the agency reports.
Hashimoto's response gives Parliament the impression that the Olympic Games could start later than the July 24 deadline, the AP says.
"The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the power to cancel games only if they are not played in 2020," Hashimoto revealed to parliament. "It can be interpreted as an opportunity to postpone games for as long as needed, provided they are played during the calendar year."
Representatives of the IOC and Tokyo Game Organizers have repeatedly made public that they do not expect any disruption to the opening of the Games on the due date.
Other parties, on the other hand, said that spreading the virus could force the games to be canceled or removed elsewhere. Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike has already expressed criticism of London's mayoral candidate Sean Bayley, saying his city would be ready to host a four-year event if needed.
Hashimoto was also asked whether the Olympics should still be organized in the event of a worsening of the coronavirus.