German man rushed to Latvia on a bus with Iranian 'Covid-19' is ill

A German man with the first 'Covid-19' registered in Estonia in a Riga minibus with symptoms has been informed by a press conference on Wednesday, said Yuriy Perevoshchikov, director of the Center for Disease Risk Analysis and Prevention at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Three cases of Covid-19 have passed through Riga, Perevoshchikov said. From the first time an Iranian traveled to Tallinn, contacts were also identified with whom the Iranian traveled by minibus from Riga Airport to the bus station to continue to Tallinn. Perevoshchikov, a German citizen with symptoms, was accompanied by an Iranian citizen in a minibus.

Perevoshchikov said the second wave of morbidity is continuing for a whole week, with the morbidity declining in China, which was the epicenter of Covid-19, but the number of morbidities is growing rapidly outside China. "Unfortunately, European Union countries, especially Italy, have also been affected," Perevoshchikov said that every few hours the SPCC receives signals from other countries that imported cases are being detected. They used to be from China, but now people are mostly infected in Italy, Iran.

Perevoshchikov stressed that, as a result, all previous recommendations remain in place so that a person can recognize a possible Covid-19 infection if he has returned from any affected areas. If there are symptoms - increased body temperature, difficulty breathing, sore throat, cough - call 113, reminded the epidemiologist.