What is actually more dangerous: flu or coronavirus

Annually, significantly more people die from the flu on the planet than from the coronavirus that broke out this year in Wuhan, China. However, news related to COVID-19 around the world is causing great concern. What is the reason for such serious concerns, political analyst Sergei Ilyin explained in the studio of the program “This Morning”.

“The problem is this: firstly, mortality is 5 times greater than with conventional flu approximately. This is actually not very correct, and this is mainly due to the situation in Hubei. On average, mortality is somewhere around 2.5%. From the usual flu - 0.5%. The difference is five times. This is the first. And the second is the so-called virulence. That is, it is quite contagious, ”explained the interlocutor of the“ Star ”.

At the moment, the total number of patients from coronavirus amounted to more than 70 thousand people. Since the start of the epidemic, about 1,770 people have died from COVID-19. At the same time, according to WHO, about half a million people die every year from the usual seasonal flu in the world