Trump made a prediction on coronavirus - Does He Has a Secret Knowledge?

US President Donald Trump predicted that the new coronavirus epidemic would end with April warming. It is reported by CNN.
“Generally speaking, heat kills this type of virus. That would be good, ”said the American president.
According to him, "many people think that this will happen in April because of the heat." Trump said that Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom they recently spoke on the phone, also believes.
Trump first mentioned the theory of coronavirus and warm weather on Twitter last week. After that, infectious disease experts told CNN that it is too early to say how the epidemic could be affected by higher temperatures.
“It would be foolish to suppose that in spring and summer everything will calm down. We don’t really understand the basics of seasonality and, of course, we don’t know anything about this particular virus, ”said Dr. Peter Hotes, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.
However, the professor of clinical pathology at the University of Hong Kong, John Nicholls, believes that the outbreak of coronavirus will last about the same as the SARS epidemic (SARS 2002-2003) and will not withstand the summer heat.
Nichols and his team were the first scientists outside of mainland China to replicate the virus in the laboratory. Nichols concluded that the new virus is very similar to SARS. The outbreak of SARS stopped in July 2003 due to the promotion of general hygiene, frequent hand washing, and also due to the high temperature and humidity in the summer months.
As Rambler reported, a new virus was found in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Hubei Province) in December 2019. According to recent data, 1018 people worldwide became victims of it, 1016 of them in mainland China. The total number of cases in China reached 42.6 thousand people, and 3996 people recovered.
Virus cases were detected in Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, France, Germany, Finland, Cambodia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Thailand. , Taiwan, Japan and the USA. January 31, it became known about the first two cases of coronavirus in Russia.