“The coronavirus is really very strange”: the Reggae musician noticed

Top 10 Reggae musician Martins Ate, also known as “zHustlers,” analyzing the panic on his Facebook page that arose due to the new Chinese coronavirus, drew attention to several interesting points. According to the artist, the virus is not uniquely deadly, and is treatable. In fact, there is much more panic than deadly efficiency.

The version with bacteriological weapons can be immediately discarded due to low efficiency. But the economic effect of the spread of the virus was quite serious. Last week, oil quotes fell 8.5 percent, and China's GDP growth rate for January will be one of the lowest in the past few years.

Generally speaking, the coronavirus is indeed quite strange. The story with him seems to be deliberately inflated to an unprecedented scale. In fact, there are more visible elements of a psychological operation on a global scale, a kind of “world doctrine”, rather than rational, sound coverage, in general, of a local problem.

By the way, the use of viruses and deliberate escalation of hysteria around an unknown sore has been tested more than once by the governments of many countries. An example is the United States, which at one time took on the pseudo-fight against Ebola in West Africa. It is possible that possible Chinese teachings are just the tip of the iceberg. However, the theory that China is simply conducting exercises is opposed by facts of a different kind.
Based on just a hundred deaths, the Fitch rating agency has already hastened to issue forecasts of the macroeconomic consequences of the spread of the virus. Analysts note that the possible spread of the disease will have negative consequences for large corporations operating not only in China, but also in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. And, according to the forecasts of the National Credit Ratings (NKR) agency, a possible slowdown in China’s economic growth in 2020 may amount to 0.5 percentage points.

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