Are We Getting Sick From Corona Virus Due To Expired U.S. Patent Connected in deals With B. Gates?

“Let me clarify something about this virus. This“ new ”virus was created in the laboratory and patented in 2015 (in development since 2003). The patent expires today, that is, on the day when the first case of the disease was registered in the USA. the patent says: "The CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) participated in the invention. Therefore, the US government has the right to this invention. "And what about the fact that they are now making a vaccine in some strange way? The patent of 2015 already refers to it ..".

The fact is that there are many different coronaviruses that cause different conditions and diseases. In this case, in fact, we are talking about the SARS virus that broke out in 2003 in China.

Also in the US, Shiva Ayaduray, a Republican who runs for Senate in Massachusetts, has posted a post claiming that the coronavirus patent belongs to the Pirbright Institute in England.

Pirbright does have a similar patent, but it concerns the avian infectious bronchitis virus that infects poultry, and so far the institute does not work with strains that infect humans.

Wuhan coronavirus is a new strain, and there is no vaccine for it yet.